To be vegan, or not to be vegan.

My top 5 vegan restaurants in Cape Town as a NON-vegan.

To be vegan, or not to be vegan.


For a while now the Vegan bug has floated around in the air, and more than ever before people are switching over to a vegan diet. Whether it’s because of their love for animals, for their health or even to save water. In case you didn’t know more than 70 percent of the earth’s fresh water is used in agriculture of plants and animals: it takes 100 to 200 times more water to produce a pound of beef than it does to grow a pound of plant foods.

So, whether the vegan bug has hit you or not, it’s worth trying out some of their delicious dishes (even if you are planning on having a pepperoni pizza the next day, don’t worry, I know I am).

I am not a vegan, but here is a list of my favourite spots in Cape Town for days where you just feel like being part of the vegan scene. I promise you, you will not get a bowl of leaves, I found some of my favourite dishes here.

The first must try spot is Plant Café (8 Buiten St.), not only for vegans but for the often forgotten and left out allergic buddies, hallelujah!

My sister is allergic to dairy and gluten, so she does follow a vegan diet, but often that is still not enough, sigh… but Plant Café, hey there buddy... Wink wink.

How about a Thai Papaya Bowl? Finely chopped cabbage & red pepper soaked in lime juice with papaya, cashew nuts and avocado, severed with a papaya-lime-coriander dressing, My personal favourite. It’s not often I am able to enjoy the same meal as my sister, and love it just as much as I love my cheeseburger.

If that does not convince you, they make great cocktails too!

Next up, I have The Hungry Herbivore (11 Orphan st.)






Ok, back to the point. It’s an adorable and cosy spot and best of all, they have a shop at the Mojo market, so you can try their treats in their restaurant in the city or at the coast. The reason I like this place (other than their amazing cake) is that not only can you purchase vegan products to make at home, such as vegan pizza bases, but they also do catering (which means I can get a whole cake…)

So the next, I stumbled across Raw and Roxy (8 Bree St.), Why? Because I was on my way to visit my friend Roxy. It’s a sign, people.

What I love about Raw & Roxy, is I can place my order online before I get there, that way I can sit in my room, procrastinate and spend all the time in the world deciding and changing my mind without driving a waiter insane, then I can go and enjoy it. It’s a win-win situation. Also, check out their facebook page for some fun “Raw” cooking classes.

Next up Unframed Ice cream (45C Kloof St.)

For all of us sweeties out there, Unframed is not vegan, but every day they have at least 3 vegan flavours that change on a daily basis. They serve flavours with twists to break away from the normal clichés we all know, try their burnt white chocolate…it’s on fire, honey.

For the corporate crowd, check out The General Store (my colleagues absolute favourite) and Wild Sprout. These are great if you're looking for something quick, healthy and take away! Choose from a variety of options to build your own take-away salad (meat options are also available if you're ordering for your man). 

Now for my number one Vegan spot, drum roll! Scheckters Raw (98 Regent Rd.)

Not only my favourite vegan food but also the most beautiful! Let’s just have a moment to experience my regular breakfast dish. “Pumpkin Pie Flapjacks”: Pumpkin puree, organic cinnamon, almond milk, strawberry, banana, organic apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, topped with a choice of vegan cream or ice cream. I have never seen such beautifully plated food. For the first time ever I posted my food on my Instagram story. My friends, on this day I considered going vegan. Please treat yourself.

Before I get sidetracked again, if you are considering doing cleanse, they have amazing cleaning plans for anything from 1 day to 5 days, along with all the information you need to safely go at it. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my inside view on some of the bits and bobs of Cape Town’s Vegan life, let us know what your favourite spots are and which spots I should try out.

Cheerio, you know where to find me. 

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