Rebirth Fest Joburg

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Rebirth Fest Joburg



Do the right thing. Book your bed for the 3 days leading up to AFROPUNK Fest for an Afro-reawakening. We are hosting the Rebirth Festival; a 3 day Afro-centric event preceding the best New Years celebration in the country. Our venue and surrounds will be activated for a multi day party on 27 December, 28 December and 29 December.

All events can be booked individually. No accommodation included in the price. See prices below.

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Welcome to ReBirth Festival 

Rebirth Festival is a 3 day Afro-centric event hosted by Once in Joburg. We are inspired to showcase everything there is to love about our city. Our dedicated team has created a variety of local experiences preceding the New Years festival - AFROPUNK,  where the doors will be opened for an adventure through culture, taste, and sound; aiming to expand guests’ African experience beyond the AFROPUNK festival gates.

What is the purpose?

To change the existing perception of Johannesburg and to continue to contribute to Johannesburg’s development through experience; promoting and showcasing to both international and local guests what this dynamic city has to offer. Once in Joburg continually builds on partnerships with small locally owned and grass routes businesses to offer the most inclusive and authentic experiences. 

If you can’t attend all the events, not to worry, each experience can be booked independently.

Experience 1 - African Fusions

Dylan will be cooking some of the best traditional African dishes from recipes passed down from his Grandmother. We will also be exploring and learning about African food roots, with traditional cuisine including Ethiopian dishes, as well as a local South African Food Smorgasbord; from Durban Curry and Bunny Chow to African salads and shisa nyama (grilled meat).

Now for the best part...sip on all the flavours of South Africa while we offer gin cocktails and tastings that are infused with local botanicals endemic to this beautiful country!


Xhosa bread


What you need to know: 

Bring your best self to the party and some extra money should you want to indulge in additional cocktails throughout the night.

Date: 27 December 
Time:18:00 until late
Experience: African Cuisine + Gin tasting
Location: Once in Joburg | 90 De Korte Street, Braamfontein
Inclusions: Local host, traditional African dinner, gin tasting, 1 gin cocktail 
Exclusions: Additional food & drinks, cash bar available
Price: R200

About your host:

Dylan is a young African hostellier, tourism and cuisine enthusiast who grew up in Kwa-Zulu Natal with his grandmother. His grandma sparked his love for making traditional african food from a young age. Dylan also has his own food blog called “Molo” meaning “Hello” in Xhosa.


Once in Joburg manager


Experience 2 - Braam by Bike

Zodwa and Bongani lead this 5 hour bicycle tour, uncovering the public street art, local cuisine and history of the Braamfontein precinct. Bongani will provide an in-depth educational experience by using art as a tool to tell the South African story. Interact with locals, eat street food and learn about the dark history of the City of Gold. Visit a rooftop bar for epic city views, check out the oldest bar in Johannesburg and stop at a lunch hot spot that serves the traditional Bunny Chow and Kota - build your own! We also stop by an art gallery that has pieces of art collections from all over Africa that date back to the 1600’s.


Braam by bike

What you need to know:

Date: 28 December

Time: 10:30 - 14:30

Experience: Braam by bike and Graffiti

Location: Once in Joburg | 90 De Korte Street, Braamfontein

Inclusion: Local guide, Graffiti artist and guide, bike & helmet hire, street eats lunch

Exclusions: Additional food & drink

Price: R550

About your host:

Zodwa first joined our team as an intern in February 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. She is now front office duty manager and founder of Braam by Bike tours. Zodwa was born in Cape Town but grew up in Soweto, Gauteng, the most vibrant and largest township in South Africa just 20 minutes from Johannesburg city centre. She was motivated to join the travel industry as she wanted to change the world's perceptions of Africa through tourism.

After travelling to Canada, she realised that many people perceived South Africa as an unlivable country where danger governed peoples' lives. Zodwa wants to change this and educate guests of the amazing depth of diversity, culture, art and cuisine that Johannesburg offers.

Once in Joburg, Braamfontein


Bongani is a professional tour guide, and a well known artist in South Africa. His love for art and culture inspired him to start Jozi Triangle Tours, a company that specialises in street art and graffiti in and around Johannesburg. He educates people on the raw side of the city through sharing the messages and stories behind the pieces of art.

When he was young, he would observe his uncle draw with coal, fascinating him. It inspired him to start drawing. His passion for art grew when exposed to one of the first South African compiled history books. This book gave him insight into cave paintings, giving him the backbone to understanding his intrigue for drawing. Throughout his young childhood he started exploring graffiti fonts with his cousins and with the more research he did, the more deeply in love he fell with the graffiti movement.



Experience 3 - Afro-Caribbean sessions

We're bringing the Caribbean life to you. Get down to a live reggae DJ, Jamaican cuisine and specialty Jerk chicken pop up stall, tropical cocktails, face painting and a bit of limbo or hula hooping if you must. Compulsory tropical themed dress code. And, if your heart desires, we’ve got a tattoo artist keen to ink you up. You don't want to miss this one. 

Rebirth Fest Joburg


What you need to know:

Bring: Wear tropical themed outfit

Date: 28 December

Time: 17:00 until 23:00

Location: Once in Joburg, 90 De Korte Street Braamfontein - The Grove

Inclusions: Entry into party, face painting and games

Exclusions: food & drink, tattoo artist is an additional cost

Price: R170 (tickets on sale online and available at the gate)

About your hosts:

Jeremy Burns (Jamaican Jerk Chicken) grew up in London, England to a Caribbean family from the small, volcanic Island of Montserrat. He has had a dynamic and diverse career. He began his career as a motor vehicle mechanic and this led him to obtaining his honors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Middlesex University, London.

As a keen music lover and avid viewer of television, Jeremy took advantage of an opportunity in 1996, to work for international music and TV broadcaster MTV Networks Europe, working in the music and video Library, keenly working his way through the ranks. This began a fruitful career in television which ultimately led him to managing content for MTV Base Africa channel, relocating him to Johannesburg in 2009.

2016 saw a change and the creation of The Jerk Company, creating authentic Caribbean cuisine based on his Caribbean roots and culture. Jeremy is the Managing Director, creating a fresh and flavoursome option to Jozi foodies at the Wynberg restaurant and attending festivals and events to share the flavours of the islands across the southern hemisphere.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Joburg


LabRart Snyire formally known as Sifiso Nyirenda, an icon, graphic artist, fashion illusionist. Durban original now taking over Joburg with his godly tattoo skills "Give me a piece of your skin, I'll give you a part of my soul".




Experience 4: KASI 101 (eng:hood)

The word ‘Kasi’ for all you non-South Africans is slang for ‘hood’. Our host, Mirriam, invites you into the heart of SOWETO, a hood referred to as the heartbeat of the nation. It is a place that is infused with history, culture and diversity. This experience includes an Umqombothi (home brewed Mzansi beer) tasting experience, within the context of a South African home, where contemporary and traditional culture meet. A traditional lunch is served along with the beer tasting.

A dance session follows, where you have the chance to cut loose to local music and learn the Mzansi way to move. Not to forget, there will be opportunity to play childhood favourite games such as Bathi Amatini, Eggy. Diketo and Mrabaraba.



Traditional african beer tasting


Rebirth fest


What you need to know:

Bring: Comfortable clothes, enclosed shoes, cash

Date: 29 December

Time: 10:00 - 15:30

Location: Diepkloof, SOWETO (township) / Meet @ reception of Once in Joburg - 90 De Korte Street, Braamfontein

Inclusions: Return transport, traditional lunch, snacks, local beer, local guide, traditional african beer tasting and experience

Exclusions: addtional food & drink

Price: R550 pp

About your host:

Introducing Mirriam, originally from a rural town in the Limpopo province but now living in Johannesburg. She is a lady spreading ‘Ubuntu’ energy amongst everyone she meets. Mirriam is the head of Once in Joburg’s housekeeping department and has been working in the hospitality industry since 2010. She wanted to give our foreign guests the opportunity to expand their knowledge in South African culture and integrate them into everyday experiences.

Experience 5: Surprise DJ, Pop up Fashion market

***Line up will be released soon***

This event is about showcasing Joburg music and fashion. The city is buzzing with artists of every discipline. Absorbing a variety of both native and international influences the local music scene being made in South Africa is unique in its range. Traditional music and jazz, meets contemporary dance and electronic, offering an eclectic night of genuine Afro-inspired beats. Not to mention, fashion and clothing exhibits designed by local creatives. Get your AFROPUNK Festival outfit here!

Rebirth Fest



What you need to know:

Bring: Stamina

Date: 29 December

Time: 10:00 until 23:00 (DJ and live music starts from 6pm)

Location: Once in Joburg, 90 De Korte Street Braamfontein - The Grove

Inclusions: Entry into venue for live DJ. Fashion stalls and a line-up of local artists.

Exclusions: food & drink

Price: Fashion exhibition is free | R170 pp entry into venue for live DJ (tickets on sale online and available at the gate)

About your host:

My Name is kholekile Cojea Platyi, I was born in 1994 January 26.

I was raised in the dusty streets of a township called Khayelitsha in Cape Town and was raised by both parents Mom and Dad. My roots lay in the Eastern Cape, in a place called Lady frere, from the Nguni Clan. I studied in Cape Town, getting involved in local projects and giving back to the disadvantaged communities around the townships.

2016 was the most challenging year in my life. I had to keep myself busy and removed from people around me who were getting drawn into crime and drugs. I chose to do positive stuff, remain in school, respect my parents and friends. My mom would always give me R15-R10 just to go and spend my time at internet cafe, check my emails and keep on applying in different companies untill I found a good place to work and expand my knowledge.

I received an internship with Once in Joburg. I've now worked in both provinces Cape Town and Joburg for this amazing team, and what I like about my job is that I get to meet with people from different corners of the world.

I've received awards in both provinces and I've also managed to open my own touring company, and fashion project, where I designed clothes and sell them to the tourists and locals. I'm on my way to improve the tourism in the local communities of South Africa, and I still have a dream of going to study and work abroad. I believe that through ONCE, I'll get there one day




Experience 5 - A decade of Leeroy Jason

Interactive photographic exhibition
This is in conjunction with the above experience 5. 

2018 Marks a major milestone in Leeroy Jason's career as it takes a turn for 10 years in the making of an artist activist, which has now merged his purpose and his talen into the Artivist that he has become, capturing some of the mosyt noteworthy images representing heart pressing socio-economic and popular culture matters, by capturing stills that stand for justince and freedom. 

A 'walk through' street alley art exhibition installation presented through a time capsule of 10 years will illustrate what Leeroy shares as as the most essential commandments of his carrer, which taught him the holy grail & delicate blend of the hustle, beauty, brutality and of photography. The exhibition consists of installations in different formats that will cater to all senses, hear, taste, touch and smell. The exhibition will also include the opportunity for visitor generated content.

Leeroy Jason


What you need to know:


Bring: An open mind

Date: 29 December

Time: 12:00 until late afternoon

Location: Alleryway, Braamfontein. Directions from Once in Joburg will be provided. 

Inclusions: Interactive opportunity to generate content for the exhibition

Exclusions: Art will be available for purchase

Price: FREE

About your host: 

Leeroy Luthuli Jason lives a childhood dream of expressing his highest self through photography and captures the most honest, sensitive and incredibly intimate imagery that expose realities in the worlds popular culture and socio-economic issues that affect humanity in light & time. Over the last 10 years in professional photography, his visual articulation of socio-economic issues has developed a classical & mature choice in the type of subjects he chooses to capture. This also makes him a refined activist, courageously borrowing moments in time through stills that stand for human rights, dignity and justice. Most important to Leeroy for himself and his work is Love. This is the golden thread that exists in every photograph his taken since the age of 7. The talent in his blood is also drawn from his father, the famed photo journalist, Fanie Jason. Photography is all he knows.

Leeroy enjoys the attention given to his work through media, exhibitions & alternative art events, because it contributes to raising awareness on globally relevant issues, which include the revolutions he has lived through in his home country, South Africa, and continues to push for through his work.

His most recent work The Artivist, showcased at Constitution Hill, the highest court in the land of South Africa, is a pertinent demonstration of a flawless progression of his professional career, and also represent a core aspect of the direction he wishes to go deeper into. Read about The Artivist series #everythingmustfall here. The exhibition can also be seen as how art is an irrevocable part of world history, legislation and the quest for freedom. His work has also been recognized by the Undiscovered Canvas exhibition in Cannes France, and expected to show case his work in November 2018.

Leeroy Jason 

Social media links: 

Instagram: @darealclickclack

Facebook: Lee-Roy Jason

Twitter: @LrJason

Email: production.leeroyphotography@gmail.com

Based in South Africa