Community outreach

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Community outreach



Give back to the community more than you take by volunteering at this inner-city farm project. Price is as per a 2 week program, inclusive of accommodation and breakfast. The minimum duration of 2 weeks is a great introductory but we can extend and tailor make your experience. Pricing will increase if you would like to stay longer than 2 weeks.

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How it started?

Located within walking distance of our property in Cape Town, this collaboration began in 2013 between food security activists, neighbours and people living on the site with the aim to create a space in the city where everyone is welcome to explore the possibilities of growing food in an urban environment. Various project undertakings include an organic vegetable garden, an indigenous nursery, a weekly market and workshops and events that encompass our goals of food security and employment creation.


This is a permaculture garden which is defined by an intelligent design that uses free, sustainable energy and resources. Due to it's energy efficiency and collaborative concept, the positive impact serves the wider community and environment. It is a garden that will not only feed the food insecure people but will serve to educate the wider community on how to not be dependent on food from grocery stores and rather from an urban garden. 

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (market day 10am-3pm)

  • 6am - 6.30am free yoga 
  • 6.30 am - till your hearts content, we are in the garden. 


Arrange the nursery
Propagate plants
Feed seedlings
Feed worm farm
Fill pot plants with compost
Clean nursery 

Garden beds:
Facelift the beds
Compost the beds

An amazing space in the heart of the city might disappear. If you are in Cape Town, come here for the next two sundays to support!

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