Social media marketing

Social media marketing

A social media and content creator intern has the responsibility of keeping all Once Travel platforms live with engaging content for a specific target audience. You will be required to strategise, create, plan and analyse content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You will be working within a dynamic marketing team to perform the below tasks.

As part of our Once ‘A Team’ you will need to participate in a one (1) week training orientation.

Content creation (preferred if have own camera):

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Copy

Social media:

  • Manage strategy for facebook, Instagram and twitter. What content will be engaging? How can we market the destination?
  • Copy writing for posts
  • Create an Instagram post plan
  • Consistent engagement with people & businesses on Instagram to increase organic following
  • Facebook content plan including videos, images, information


  •  Instagram and Facebook analytics
  • Website analytics


  • Attend local events and take footage
  • Plan and attend in-house social activities i.e. fundraisers, party bus gourmet tour, guest activities 

Equipment required:

  • Camera
  • Smart phone
  • Laptop

Qualities of individual:

  • Self-starter
  • Goal-orientated
  • Good Communicator/technologically competent
  • Team player
  • Open minded/Culturally sensitive

Working hours:

  • 30 hours a week/flexible contact hours (can work around University schedule)

Education requirements: Not compulsory

  • Preferred to be currently studying tertiary education level in creative industries such as branding, advertising, copy, marketing, design but not compulsory. 

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